Make the day of service awesome

Improve real-time customer engagement with two-way communications.

Localz customer real-time automated appointment messages link to a map, showing the technician approach. Localz solutions support the field team, with geo-triggered sms, emails, text-to-voice calls and real-time visibility.


Customer communications

Localz “on my way” communications keep customers informed of the service delivery ETA. Map links enable customers to track technicians in


Easy to use

Reduce friction for your mobile technicians with our easy to use app. Make it simple to manage jobs and save time by sending automated
geo-triggered customer notifications.


Connect your teams

Align your team members with Localz platform. Office based staff have visibility in real-time on the day of service. They can see the location of technicians, the status of jobs and efficiency reports.

How it Works


Customer is advised on estimated arrival time.


Customers receive an “About to arrive” text and push notification in their app.


Customers can see their driver arriving with a live ETA and have the ability to contact the driver


Feedback links are sent by SMS and push notifications.


Easy to complete thumb friendly feedback form. Integrated with web and apps.



One-click on my way

Technicians can quickly and easily inform customers they are on the way with one simple button in the app.


Visibility of field staff

The operation dashboard gives office-based staff an overview of all field technicians, job status and location.


Real-time updates

Smart location tracking enables real-time ETA updates based on traffic and weather on the day of service.


Smart technology for automation of manual tasks

Geo-fence triggers automatically close jobs and send messages to customers, taking friction out of the day of service.


Vehicle inspections and Incident Reporting for your fleet

The Localz technician app allows for in-field incident reporting and logs all data and imagery to the specified job.


Streamlined communications

Two-way communication between your customer and technician ensures better first-time access and first-time fix for jobs.

You can achieve 18% improvement in first time access, a 22% reduction of chasing calls and a double-digit NPS increase

Simple integration

Localz out of the box applications enables you to integrate our location and communications SDKs into your enterprise solution.

Localz seamlessly interacts with your existing technology to enhance your day of service workflows, while improving the customer experience you provide. Localz provides a highly configurable platform that enables you to select the elements you need to help improve the day of service, and apply your own branding and look and feel.  Easy integration means shorter implementation times.