Making the day of service awesome

For Field Service, Collection and Delivery Teams


Collection solutions for today's business

Localz Solutions increase store team efficiency and fast fulfilment

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Enabling a great delivery experience

Say goodbye to missed deliveries and delight your customers

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Real-time tracking and automated "On my way messaging"

Localz transforms the last mile customer experience for Mobile Workforces including British Gas
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Existing systems are designed to plan the perfect Day of Service with resources efficiently deployed and following the optimal route. These can't react to the reality of changing traffic conditions, absent customers and last minute reschedules. Localz provides businesses with large mobile workforces with the smart solution by using proprietary location, workflow and communications technology. Real-time visibility improves efficiency, saves operating costs and improves the customer experience.



Real-time visibility of your mobile workforce

Are you struggling to track the location of your mobile workers, while being inundated with customer queries and unexpected issues?

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Improve access rates

Are you making customers wait in all day? Or are your technicians tired of arriving at empty houses?

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Reduce Operational Stress

Is your call centre dealing with high volumes of ‘chase’ calls and complaints?

Start reducing call volumes 

Service Delivery

Enable engagement on the day of service

Localz real-time automated appointment messages link to a map, showing the technician’s location and arrival time. Localz solutions support mobile workers with geo-triggered SMS, emails, robocalls and real-time visibility.

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Make collection your competitive edge

Localz is a fast to deploy platform that supports and manages appointments and order fulfilment.

Customers are notified by SMS or email when their items are ready. Store staff are alerted to prepare goods for customers who are on their way. The Staff App has scanning capabilities and provides an overview of collections, including the location of parcels, customer and order details.

Working with Woolworths


Overcome the challenge of delivery

Localz real-time platform gives transparency and control to the whole last mile team with visibility of parcels, vehicles, drivers and customers. Customers get location triggered updates by SMS or via the app on delivery progress. Drivers get live traffic updates and alternative route options to reduce delivery disruption.


Uberizing Delivery

Our point of difference

The Last Mile Experience Solution for Enterprises

Localz Day of Service platform has been designed and built from the ground up for complex enterprises with large mobile workforces. Our platform is fast to deploy with a unique ability to be configured, without costly customisation, working with your existing workflows and processes.

Combined with our proprietary location technology, two-way multi-channel communications it has the ability to ingest and export data in any  format.  All the tools you need to make the Day of Service Awesome through one easy to use dashboard.  Localz is trusted by some of the world's largest mobile workforce organisations.



The Radical Age of Uberization

86% of customers want to talk to their driver or engineer on the day of service.

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“By implementing Localz technology, British Gas is meeting and delighting customers with new levels of real-time communications”

- Head of Technology & Innovation, British Gas

Working with Localz you will enjoy….


Seamless Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. A smooth, short and hassle-free on-boarding process, giving your business full control and visibility of your last mile.



Localz customer success team are providing our clients with the best possible frictionless experience and support.


Intelligent Tech

Localz smart developers have specialised in solving on the Day of Service problems for enterprise globally for five years.