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Count Me In

Real-time people counting solution for retailers to safely monitor in-store traffic with an easy, intuitive app and reporting dashboard.


Keep count, safely.

Social distancing regulations have forced retailers to rethink everything, including how to reduce and manage in-store capacity to ensure safe practices. Multiple entrances and exit points only complicate the problem. 

Support your operations with a people counting solution that provides a real-time store capacity snapshot along with reporting functionality.

Easily monitor store traffic

See a complete snapshot of your company’s overall traffic by store in real-time with easy to understand trends. Report on activity with confidence while ensuring the safety and security of your employees and customers.

Approaching capacity alerts

Visual in-app and dashboard alerts notify staff when stores are approaching capacity based on configurable thresholds. Reduce traffic flow quickly when needed to ensure safe social distancing and regulatory compliance.

Real-time visibility across stores

Utilise employee devices as real-time store trackers to safely monitor people coming in and out through multiple entrances and exits. Available for both Android and iOS, devices continuously sync for accurate capacity counts and operational visibility.

Keep count, safely.

The Count Me In public and enterprise applications are no longer supported. Please reach out to if you have any questions.