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Product videos, on-demand demos, and customer stories.

Increasing customer satisfaction in housing and property services

With an industry average of 20% failed appointments and each failed appointment costing up to £100, we are helping companies reduce no-access, increase operational efficiencies and improve resident satisfaction.

Reducing no-access for the utilities sector

Gain operational efficiencies will full visibility of your mobile workforce and automated ETA notifications to customers. The Localz configurable platform allows a range of implementation options to make your technology work more efficiently for you.


Plug and play the modules you need to make the day of service awesome.

Hear from the experts

Thought leaders from across various industries discuss topics like customer engagement and last-mile communications.

Field Service and the gig economy

In partnership with Field Service News, Editor-in-Chief Kris Oldland discusses how the gig economy is impacting the field service sector.

Customer engagement. Their way.

Let us show you around our configurable customer engagement platform.