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Product delivery

Ensure a secure, first-time delivery experience while reducing costs in returned parcels and missed collections.

Where's my delivery?

Waiting for delivery, whether a parcel or wholesale business order, with no transparency into status or ETA is no longer acceptable.


Strengthen trust on the day of deliveries and collections

Provide customers with real-time transparency across the delivery process. 

Geo-location triggered notifications and tracking links ensure your customers know when and where their delivery is to be expected, ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

Provide proof of delivery

Proof of delivery can include sign-on glass, or photographic evidence of where a parcel or b2b delivery has been securely left.

Localz provides easy integration with existing tech to provide automation of registration, authorisation, orders, stock, payment and route optimisation.


Stop missed deliveries and collections

Make the day of service awesome for customers, all while automating tedious tasks for mobile operatives.

Maximise experience

Total visibility for end-customers with real-time delivery tracking and ETA notifications.

Increase delivery success

Transparent customer communication strategies, streamline collections and deliveries.

Reduce operational costs

Lower call centre volume around delivery tracking and order status with self-service capabilities.

Communication workflows

The right message at the right time.

Morning Of
Prior To

Proactive delivery alerts

On the day of service, use existing job data to trigger a notification to your customer about when to expect their scheduled delivery.

Using On My Way tracking and the Track My Delivery portal, customers can stay in the loop on their order status without wasting their day.


Offer visibility with real-time delivery tracking

Customers receive a notification with an estimated delivery time. They can then view the arrival of their delivery in real-time, ensuring they are home to receive the parcel or on-site to open a secured gate for business deliveries.

Avoid calls into contact centres around ETA tracking to focus on critical issues and give your customers self-service capabilities using the white-labelled Track My Delivery customer portal.


Proof of delivery and collection

Empower mobile operatives to document equipment or parcel condition upon delivery and collection with geo-coded, time-stamped photos.

In the case of failed access, back up your delivery promise with proof of a delivery attempt and prompt customer communications.


Feedback forms sent automatically following a delivery

Keep customers engaged following a delivery by sending an instant feedback form.

Dynamic alerting to back-office staff ensure that negative experiences are addressed and positive experiences are commended.


Solutions by sector

Ensure seamless service delivery with configurable communication workflows unique to your sector-specific needs.

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