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Localz extends the functionality of FLS VISITOUR to include customer notifications, real-time tracking, and feedback. 

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FLS is Europe’s technology leader for workforce management, scheduling, dynamic appointment and route optimisation.

Our real-time technology is remarkably flexible to individual customer needs, is implemented quicker and achieves more accurate schedules than alternatives with precision that your field force customers will appreciate - utilising actual traffic based driving speeds and self-learning artificial intelligence for job durations. Our aim is to ensure that our solutions are undisputedly the fastest, leanest, and smartest on the market.
•             Fully optimised appointment scheduling
•             Real-time, time of day route optimisation
•             Field Service, Final Mile, White Glove Logistics

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FLS VISITOUR, powered by Localz

Localz helps you send the right message, at the right time to empower customers, reduce friction, and create efficiencies.

Exceed customer expectations with automated ETA messages, real-time tracking to view the arrival of mobile operatives, and instant feedback.

Seamlessly add customer empowerment technology to FLS VISITOUR to transform your customer experience without overhauling your tech stack. 

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Don't just engage your customers. Empower them.

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