Track My Delivery

Real-time tracking of order status and delivery notifications for customers on the day of service.


Give your customers last-mile visibility

Allow customers to track their b2c and b2b deliveries with real-time transparency. Location triggered messages to customers keep them in the loop, ensuring a secure first-time delivery experience.

Flexible implementation

Flexible SDKs and API’s can be integrated into your existing iOS or Android customer apps for a seamless experience on the day of service.

Implementation options

Group 12

Module Features

Features can be toggled on or off depending on the desired experience.

Delivery Preferences

Customers can indicate whether they will or won’t be home at the time of the delivery.

Delivery Timeline

Give customers a progress timeline of their scheduled delivery using job triggers.

Real-time Tracking

Keep customers in the loop about when their delivery will arrive with ETA tracking.

Delivery Completion

Customers receive a notification that the delivery has been completed via SMS with proof.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery can include sign-on-glass or photos of where a delivery was securely left.

Customer Feedback

Customers can easily contact customer service following a delivery with instant feedback.

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