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Rate My Experience

Dynamic and simple feedback forms sent through a customer's preferred channel to collect real-time customer feedback.

Rate My Experience real-time customer feedback module

Hear more from your customers

To meet and exceed expectations in today’s market, you need to listen to your customers. For feedback to be representative and actionable, businesses must survey customers quickly after each service appointment.

Maximise your response rate with a digestible and configurable form sent immediately following an appointment.

Easy for customers, even easier for you

By capturing customer feedback linked to jobs and technicians, you’ll be able to benchmark customer satisfaction and identify high-performing teams.

Negative feedback alerts allow you to deal with issues quickly, while positive feedback boosts your team and reduces the need for close-the-loop calls.

Module Features

Toggle features on or off depending on the desired experience.

Impactful Timing

Prompt customers immediately following a service experience for feedback on their device.

Configurable rating system

Configure emoji, star or number ratings to meet your business needs for monitoring customer sentiment.

Configurable Forms

Easily ask customers feedback questions relative to their service or delivery experience.

Logic Jump

Set up different follow-up questions based on positive and negative feedback responses.

Long-form Feedback

Allow customers to type comments and feedback into the customer feedback portal freely.

Operational Transparency

View customer feedback as part of the job details on the Manage My Workforce dashboard.

Filter Feedback

Easily sort, find and take action on customer feedback by organising and filtering jobs.

Negative Alerts

Immediately notify customer support teams of negative feedback which needs to be actioned.

Exportable Data

Analyse feedback by job or users and create aggregated views by technician or branch.

Customer engagement. Their way.

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