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Management dashboard

Operational dashboard providing a simple interface to keep track of jobs, technicians, customers and insights.

Localz workforce tracking and feedback alerts

Total visibility of your mobile workforce

The management dashboard enables office-based staff to track and manage jobs, manage and view the customer journey on the day of service and view completed job details, including any feedback. The dashboard map shows the location of all technicians and their progress throughout the day.

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Empower your back office

Provide access to key functionality for either office-based or call centre staff, including operational stats, dispatch and job management, customer communications, advanced search, map view and support functions, such as user and site management.

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Empower your contact centre with two-way communication, negative feedback alerts and more
Localz data insights visualisations of field service metrics

Make data-driven decisions

Visualise, search and export high level and granular insights into job outcomes, staff engagement, and customer satisfaction. It’s easy to see what’s happening today or spot historical trends.

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Module features

Toggle features on or off depending on the desired experience.

Configurable Overview

Provide operators with an “at a glance” overview of job status, completion rates and times

Data insights

View, search, filter & export data on job outcomes, staff engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Manage Jobs

Operators can easily view high-level information and manage jobs via the dashboard.

Map View

View all technicians currently online in a given area and progress through the route ETAs.

View feedback

View customer feedback as part of the job details on the Manage My Workforce dashboard.

Negative feedback alerts

Immediately notify customer support teams of negative feedback which needs to be actioned.

Group chat

Allow office staff to view and participate in chats with operatives and/or customers on the day of service.

Create Jobs

For Ad Hoc requests, jobs can manually be created and assigned to the relevant technician.

Real-time Tracking

Search for specific technicians by username or location and view route, travel time and ETA

Inspections and Incidents

View vehicle inspection and accident reports from the dashboard, or export for records.

Log Out Users Remotely

See which technicians are on or off duty with the ability to remotely log technicians out.

Manage Users

Manage user access and permissions, create new users, view active and deactivated users.

Manage Groups

Create and manage group permissions and which users have access to group information.

Multiple Admin Users

Enable multiple administrative operators with access to the dashboard at any given time.

Export Job Information

Search and filter information based on date and time periods with full export capabilities.

Multiple Language Selection

Enable multiple language selection to allow users to toggle between operating languages.

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