Chat My Way

Two-way communication between the customer and the operative on the day of service via the channel of their preference.


Customer communication, their way

Target customers with communications on the channel of their choice and allow for two-way conversations with mobile operatives. 

Empower customers to share vital information, reducing stress on your call centre. Ensure that operatives have all the information they need to access and complete a job successfully.

The power of communication

Two-way communication between your customer and technician ensures better first-time access and first-time fix for jobs.

Customers can share entry instructions, social distancing preferences, and more, decreasing time spent at the property and reducing stress on the day of service. 

Module features

Features can be toggled on or off depending on the desired experience.

Communication fallback

Configurable fallback rules ensure customers receive critical day of service notifications.

Number masking

The number masking feature can mask technician, customer or all associated numbers.

Answer Machine Recognition

Detection services identify whether a customer or machine is answering to leave a voicemail.

Auto-retry for landlines

For unanswered landline calls, the call is repeated to a configurable number of attempts.

Communication opt out

Add a flag to job information to opt the customer out of specific communication groups.

Custom branding

Keep communications with customers custom branded for a consistent look and feel.

Customer engagement. Their way.

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