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Chat My Way

Group chat with the contact centre and alternative communication channels.

Group 212

Customer communication, their way

Engage customers with communication on the channel of their choice and allow for multi-party conversations with mobile operatives and customer service staff.

Empower customers to share vital information, reducing stress on your call centre. Ensure that operatives have all the information they need to access and complete a job successfully.

The power of communication

Communication between your customer, call centre staff and mobile operatives ensures better first-time access and first-time fix for jobs.

Customer service representatives can share vital information such as if the operative is running late or is driving their vehicle and unable to respond.

Module features

Toggle features on or off depending on the desired experience.

Group chat

Customers can communicate with both contact centre staff and operatives within the customer portal.

Push notifications

When a customer sends the technician a new message, technicians are notified via a native push notification on their device.

Dashboard view

Allow office staff to view and participate in chats with operatives and/or customers on the day of service.

Number masking

The number masking feature can mask technician, customer or all associated numbers.

Custom branding

Keep communications with customers custom branded for a consistent look and feel.

Reply to technician (SMS)

Customers can reply to SMS notifications which can be routed to technicians directly, or to a support centre.

Reply to technician (Landline)

Landline provides IVR option to route the call to the technician or support centre.

View messages by job

Technicians and office staff can view messages stored against the job details.

Continuous innovation

We are constantly evolving our available communication channels.

Customer engagement. Their way.

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