Localz last mile delivery.

Enabling first time delivery of packages or services every time.

Strengthen trust on the day of delivery

Geo-location triggered notifications and tracking links ensure your customers know when and where their delivery is expected, ensuring a secure, first-time delivery experience, which improves customers satisfaction and reduces your costs in returned parcels.


Frictionless deliveries

Localz Last Mile Delivery uses smart location technology to ensure deliveries are safely made to the right place, first time.


Real-time visibility for customers

Provide customers with real-time transparency across the delivery process. Location triggered messages to customers on where their parcel or service provider. Accurate real-time delivery notifications and on map tracking.


Easy to use

Intuitively designed apps and dashboards easy to use for all staff. Fast integration into you existing technology and processes.

How it Works

driver app

Drivers notify customers that their delivery is on the way

SMS notification

Customers receive a notification with an estimated delivery time.

tracking link

Customers can view the arrival of their delivery in real-time, ensuring they are home to receive the parcel.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery can include sign on glass, or photographic evidence of where a parcel has been securely left.

SMS notifcation delivery complete

Customers also receive a notification that the delivery has been completed via SMS.



Customer app

Flexible SDKs and API’s can be integrated into your existing iOS or Android customer apps. Localz are also experts in creating specialised customer apps.


Operational dashboard

Complete real-time overview of delivery staff in the field. Flexibility to adjust resources to cover demand or a once-off change in process.


Driver app

Device agnostic driver app enables drivers with one touch to notify customers they’re on the way. Automatically updates customers of location in real-time.


Smart notifications

Intelligent real-time location technology is used to push notifications to customers. This messaging determines a location without draining the phone battery.


Location platform

High-availability, cloud platform. Dynamic APIs for external integration. Out of band admin user access. Triggered event configuration. Real-time location data.


Smart integration

Localz provides easy integration with existing tech to provide automation of registration, authorisation, orders, stock, payment, route optimisation.

“Localz are problem solvers for delivery, and for that I love them”

Dwain McDonald CEO, DPD Group UK

Simple integration

Localz out of the box applications enables you to integrate our location and communications SDKs into your enterprise solution.

Localz seamlessly interacts with your existing technology to enhance your day of service workflows, while improving the customer experience you provide. Localz provides a highly configurable platform that enables you to select the elements you need to help improve the day of service, and apply your own branding and look and feel.  Easy integration means shorter implementation times.