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2019 Innovation Day

The Uberization event for Field Service

 #LocalzInnovation 2019.

Here's what we discussed.

✓ In-field Challenges
✓ How to Uberize Field Services
✓ Mobile Workforce Best Practice
✓ The Future Customer Journey



Claire Rowland

Claire Rowland

UX and IOT expert
Kris Oldland

Kris Oldland

Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News
Phil Sperring

Phil Sperring

Director, Wates
Dave Raywood, HSS Hire

Dave Raywood

Procurement and Marketing Directors, HSS Hire
Emma Lampert, Global Head of Customer Success

Emma Lampert

Global Head of Customer Success, Localz

Watch our keynote speaker, Claire Rowland, discuss "Handling Delays and Customer Uncertainty" at the first Uberization event.

The Radical Age of Uberization

86% of customers want to talk to their driver or engineer on the day of service.

Uber turned the service world on its head, setting a whole new standard for day of service communications. It was the frictionless, transparent and punctual service which we ultimately all bought into. 

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