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The challenge of customer communication

Utility companies are facing a new challenge, raised customer expectations. Service expectations are no longer being set by competitors, but by factors outside the world of electricity, water or gas. 

Uber and Amazon have set the new standard of communications around when and how services are provided. 

Stay ahead of your competitors

Customers expect accuracy and transparency. Providing customers with Uber-style real-time technician tracking, accurate ETAs, and two-way communications elevate the experience and produces significant operational savings.

Communication workflows

The right message at the right time.

Day prior
Morning of
Prior to

Automated appointment reminders

Send a message to customers via the channel of their preference to remind them of their appointment. Offer a link to the Manage My Appointments self-service customer portal to reschedule if they need to.

Providing day of service messages and real-time tracking for your customers enables them to plan their day to be home.  Customer tracking of the mobile engineer's arrival reduces no access and dwell time.


Proactive communication

On the day of service, use existing job data to trigger a notification to your customer that their appointment is scheduled for that day and they will receive ETA information closer to the visit.

Keeping customers in the loop on the day of service reduces anxiety and ensures they know when their technician is going to arrive, preventing them from clogging your call-centre with unnecessary calls.


Real-time service tracking

When a mobile operative is en route to an appointment, the customer will be automatically notified. Customers can track their mobile engineer's arrival using a real-time map with up-to-date traffic information. 

With Chat My Way, enable customers to send messages to your operatives about their appointment. Or let them know if they’ve just stepped out.


Immediate feedback

41% of customers want to rate a service. Listen to your customers by gathering their feedback immediately following job completion. 

Dynamic alerting to back-office staff ensures that negative experiences are addressed and positive experiences are commended.



"In one click I could find out all the information in relation to my appointment which I found really useful."

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