Increase first-time access rates and elevate customer satisfaction on the day of service.

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The challenge of customer communication

Utility companies are facing a new challenge, raised customer expectations. Service expectations are no longer being set by competitors, but by factors outside the world of electricity, water or gas.  Uber and Amazon have set the new standard of communications around when and how services are provided. Customers expect accuracy and transparency.

Providing customers with Uber-style real-time technician tracking, accurate ETAs, and two-way communications elevates the experience as well as producing significant operational savings.


Increase first-time access and fix rates

Providing day of service messages and real-time tracking for your customers enable them to plan their day to be home.  Customer tracking of the mobile engineer's arrival reduces no access and dwell time.


Decrease call-centre operation costs

Keeping customers in the loop on the day of service reduces anxiety and ensures they know when their technician is going to arrive, preventing them from clogging your call-centre with unnecessary calls.


Exceed customer expectations

Keeping customers informed on the day of service ensures they feel more relaxed and can plan their day around the service or repair appointment, making for happier customers.

How OVO Energy Uberized The Day Of Service

Optimizing the last mile for efficient and greener services.

With a large number of customers joining the movement for greener energy OVO has seen a spike in demand for smart meters. Focussed on delivering efficient and greener services, OVO needed to streamline its communication platform to help increase first time access rates and provide a positive customer experience.

Localz has transformed OVO’s customer communications platform. Since implementation it has increased first time access rates, reduced “where’s my engineer?” calls and contributed to increasing overall customer satisfaction.

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"By implementing Localz technology, British Gas is meeting and delighting customers with new levels of real-time communications. The Localz solution is a vital part in helping us as our organisation grows."

- Technology and Innovation, British Gas

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors



Enable customers to send messages to your operatives about their appointment. or let them know if they’ve just stepped out.



Keep everyone in the loop. Office-based staff know where your technicians are and what their next appointment is with a management dashboard.



41% of customers want to rate a customer service. Listen to your customers by gathering their feedback immediately following job completion. 


Make The Day Of Service Awesome

Differentiate your services from your competitors and drive customer satisfaction. 

We know you're busy managing customers and requests. This is why we make implementation quick and easy. 

Use Localz out of the box applications or integrate our location and communications SDK's into your own enterprise solution.

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