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What is your communications strategy on the day of service?

Consumer expectations from other service industries are affecting the Housing Industry. Whether you’re a landlord with an in-house DLO, or a repairs contractor, your tenants are no longer content to sit at home during a four-hour window waiting for an operative to arrive to fix a repair on their home. 


Increase first-time access rates to properties

Providing day of service messages and real-time tracking for your tenants ensures they are home when your operative arrives, ready to let them in, reducing no access rates and dwell time.


Decrease call-centre operation costs

Keeping tenants in the loop on the day of service ensures they know when their operative is going to arrive, preventing them from clogging your call-centre with unnecessary calls.


Provide visibility and control to tenants

By keeping tenants informed on the day of service ensures they feel more relaxed and can plan their day around the service or repair appointment, making for happier tenants.

Stop Failed Appointments

Localz technology powers last mile solutions for housing leaders like Castleton Plc.

“With an industry average of 15% no-access failed appointments and each failed appointment costing £60-£75, it is business critical for landlords and contractors to reduce the time wasted and costs incurred associated with these failed appointments to improve services for social housing customers. Our partnership with Localz will help our clients achieve this objective.”

-Ian Stewart, Commercial Sales Manager for Castleton Plc.

Customer Stories

See how Localz can help reduce the friction on the day of service.

Customer-centric Value

Providing residents with Uber-style real-time operative tracking, accurate ETAs, and two-way communications not only results in a fantastic tenant experience but also produces significant operational savings.



Enable customers to send messages to your operatives about their appointment or to let them know if they’ve just stepped out.



The Office-based staff know where your operatives are and what their next appointments are with a management dashboard. Even allocate new jobs to be completed.



Getting actionable feedback from your customers about the day of service is invaluable, so you know what to continue doing and what needs fixing to improve your offering.

Make The Day Of Service Awesome

Demonstrate innovation and drive customer satisfaction. 

We know you're busy managing clients and housing requests. This is why we make implementation quick and easy. 

Use Localz out of the box applications or integrate our location and communications SDK's into your own enterprise solution.

Talk with our team to learn more about how you can Uberize your communications strategy and see immediate ROI.

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