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Social housing

Keep customers informed around repair and maintenance visits to increase first-time access and boost customer satisfaction.

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Transform service & repairs appointments

Housing associations and contractors use Localz to meet customer expectations for automated messaging and real-time ETA tracking.


Engaging along the entire tenant journey

Configurable communication workflows send the right message, at the right time to make the day of service awesome.

Automated notifications

Utilise existing processes to automate tenant communication workflows.

Branded customer portal

Keep communications consistent with a configurable web-based portal.

Real-time tracking

Keep tenants in the loop on when their operative will arrive with ETA tracking.

Two way chat

Ensure important details are communicated around appointments.


Additional features

Grouped jobs

Group multiple related jobs together, sending one set of communications to the customer for all jobs.

Configurable triggers

Personalise the customer journey with configurable and location-based communication triggers.

Place in queue

Show customers their place in the queue, even before driver tracking is enabled.

Communication opt-out

Add a flag to job information to opt the customer out of specific communication groups.

Scale up your tenant journey with our modules

Seamlessly add group chat, appointment rescheduling and real-time feedback.

Creating awesome customer experiences

Localz is trusted by industry leaders to power customer communications and engagement technology.

"We wanted a solution that gave a bit more of control to our residents, offering them transparency and some communication directly with the operative so their anxiety could be eased."

Rob Lane, Group Commercial Director
Clarion Housing

Tenant and resident engagement. Their way.

Talk with our team to see if Localz is the right fit for your business.

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