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Localz retail solutions


Provide customers with a fast, seamless experience for in-store or curbside collection.

Retail collection real-time order alerts

Conquer your most difficult customer challenge

Make collections your competitive edge by ensuring a fast, hassle-free experience for customers and staff.

SMS and in-app messages provide real-time order updates to customers while real-time alerts let staff know when the customer has arrived at the counter or pulled up outside.

Simplify collections for customers and staff

Provide transparency for your customers with simple communications at each step of the collection process.

Your staff are busy, so simplify their life with alerts to let them know a new order has come in, or a customer is on the way to collect.

Retail customer service collection alerts

Communication workflows

The right message at the right time.

Order ready
Staff alerting
Order completion

Automated customer alerting

Customers are notified when their order is ready to collect, with a link to a web portal to let the store know they are on the way.

Order ready for collection


Streamline the check-in process

 Customers can check-in when they arrive manually through the Collect My Goods customer portal or automatically through configurable geo-fences.

Customer collection check in

Take the friction out of collections for staff

Staff receive alerts when customers check-in and acknowledge they are serving the customer in the Manage My Orders attendant app.

When the customer arrives at the allocated collection point, staff can have their order ready to handover.

Click and collect notifications for store staff

Ensure secure collections

Customers can give their unique, onetime PIN or can sign-on-glass to receive their purchase.

For orders delegated to another nominee, a onetime PIN can be assigned to avoid sharing of personal information.

One time pin or sign on glass for click and collect