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Localz platform implementation and customer success

Implementation options

We built Localz to be platform-agnostic and run with any existing tech stack.

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The basics

The Localz platform is modular, giving you  the flexibility to complement and enhance your existing field service technologies with location and communication technology. 

Data requirements

data needs

Job data

Used to trigger communications, populate messaging, and provide workforce visibility.

Integration overview

Localz technology is powered by two main data feeds.


Real-time location

Used to trigger communications, calculate arrival time, and enable live tracking.

Putting everything together

All solutions are fully supported by a suite of SDKs and APIs, making it simple to integrate the Localz products into existing applications and systems. And the platform is built to work with any data, in any format.

manage my day app

White-label app

Localz Manage My Day app is production-ready, configurable, and provides everything you need for the Localz experience.


Background app

Continue to use your existing app without location data, as the background app sends location data in real time.


Localz SDK

Provides flexibility by enabling the Localz experience within a customer’s existing field service application.



The platform supports app-to-server direct API calls, if you prefer more control over the implementation of API calls.



For when your existing app can’t be updated to include the SDK, and already sends real-time location data to your server.

hybrid approach


If your app is missing necessary functionality, you can combine SDK, app-to-server API calls and/or server-to-server calls.


Localz works with the top field service platforms, and  is already integrated with the best of breed tools you need. If you don’t see your platform, let us know.  We’re built to integrate with any solution.


Implementation shouldn’t be complicated. At Localz, our delivery framework is designed to make our implementations lightweight and easy.

Implementing and scaling Localz customer engagement platform


From our startup DNA, we like to see tangible real-world results as soon as possible. When launching a new project, we like to roll out to phases iteratively ensuring the maximum success. This approach has been used successfully to roll out thousands of engineers globally.

Customer Success

Every project at Localz has a dedicated customer success agent. Your project & its success is our priority. We measure specific success criteria to your organisation, like technicians who upload item health checks or regions that are falling behind. 

Localz customer success team and reporting

Customer engagement. Their way.

Talk with our team to see if Localz is the right fit for your business.

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