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Providing a faster, smoother experience for Click and Collect customers.

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About Woolworths

Woolworths Supermarkets, colloquially known as 'Woolies' is an Australian supermarket/grocery store chain. 

Woolworths specialises in selling groceries but also sells magazines, health and beauty products, household products, pet and baby supplies, and stationery items. Woolworths currently operates 995 stores across Australia and an additional 19 Metro convenience stores.

As one of Australia’s most innovative retailers, Woolworths understands that consumers are looking for new, simple ways to shop. Consumers expect seamless frictionless ordering, collection, and delivery.

Localz works with Woolworths technical team supporting their development of solutions that their customers and stores rely on daily.

The click and collect challenge

Woolworths is using Localz technology within its customer and store attendant app to allow for faster and more customer focussed Click and Collect experiences.

The Localz solution

App integration

The Localz solution is integrated into the Woolies app so customers can shop wherever they are, and Woolies team members can be notified of the impending collection.

Woolworths order collection customer and attendant app

Faster pick-up experience

The solution sends a notification SMS when the customer order is ready.

Localz technology comes into its own as customers approach their collection store, as a notification is sent to the attendant app.

This enables the Woolies team members to ensure all the items are at the collection desk, ready for pick-up.  

Reminders can be set for retrieving freezer items or to check ID for any age-restricted items in the order before handover.

Woolworths Pick Up

Direct to boot

With Localz, Woolworths has now taken things to the next level with a new feature for their time-poor customers.

The supermarket giant has introduced a new drive-up option for shoppers so they can do their weekly shop without having to leave their car.

Again, the integrated Localz solution notifies the Woolies team member that the customer is arriving and provides an option to select which allocated bay they are parked in.

The attendant delivers the items that have been ordered to the customer in their vehicle.

Customer engagement. Their way.

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