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Safelite's Challenges

The goal of the partnership between Localz and Safelite was to provide a digital solution to track their auxiliary stock items in the field, make it easy to replenish in the morning and to empower technicians to make value added sales during an appointment.

Store managers are very busy and Safelite needed a simple, automated inventory management system for them to easily track stock in real time, manage the stock levels of each van and ensure technicians had the right stock on their van to support with a first time fix.

How We Helped

Localz perpetual stock take and automated replenish lists save Safelite employees time. The inventory dashboard provides a clear overview of which vans have stock and displays upsell transactions by technician and store in real time.

Localz ‘Scan to Van’ solution integrates seamlessly with Safelite’s technician app allowing technicians to replenish and sell items with a simple scan of a barcode. Required stock levels can be set by van, by store or by market as a whole and are set for each individual item of stock, ensuring that stock holding quantities are matched to local customer demand.

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Designed by technicians for technicians

Technicians can select their van in the morning and are prompted to replenish any required items, they do this by scanning the product's barcode or tapping the app (Store to Van).

When Technicians are adding stock parts to orders, or making value-added sales, they scan the item's barcode to add the required items to the customer's job order (Van to Customer).

Technicians can move stock from their van back into branch inventory if they need to recalibrate their van's stock holding (Van to Store).

Store Managers can monitor in real-time the amount of stock on each technician's van, update the actual figure or change the amount of stock required (Frictionless Management).



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Products Used:
Scan to Van, Inventory management dashboard


“Our store managers are very busy. There is now a dashboard they can log in to every morning and see exactly which van has what wiper blades. The technician process is extremely integrated to what they are doing every day.” 

- Elliott Asch, Assistant VP, Pricing and Ancillaries, Safelite Group


“We use Localz to get a product out there faster and to learn from new technology.” 

- Renee Cacchillo, Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Safelite Group

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