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Customer Stories


Providing customers peace of mind with real-time tracking.


About RAC

The RAC provides complete peace of mind to more than 12.7m UK personal and business members, whatever their driving needs – from breakdown assistance to insurance and a range of other motoring services.

Results at a glance

  • Reduction in inbound calls
  • Improved retention rates
  • Increased NPS, social scoring and recommendations

Key challenges

Before implementing Localz, RAC customers weren’t being informed with accurate ETAs. Customers could not track their breakdown patrol progress, leading to high volumes of 'anxiety’ calls and a poor customer experience at a distressing time.

Customers are frequently unfamiliar with the area where they've broken down and so want to interact with the patrol's location to feel less stressed and more confident that help is on its way. Some customers feel vulnerable and require being able to identify their assigned patrol ahead of arrival.

The Localz solution

Customer notifications and ETA tracking

Localz provided RAC with a core communications platform proven to meet similar requirements for other leading UK enterprises such as British Gas and Autoglass.

The Localz solution has enabled automated real-time updates to customers regarding their assigned patrol's ETA, with a real-time tracking map and countdown.

Localz solution was customised to reflect RAC’s branding. It meets all the robust security and privacy requirements you would expect from RAC.

Tailored communications

  • Clear tracking view so customers can track their assigned patrol and gather further information on the surrounding area.
  • Safety information is easily accessible in the tracking web portal so that customers always remain fully informed and safe.
  • Details of the patrol personnel assigned to the customer's rescue.
  • Late notification to customers informing when there is a delay to their patrol's ETA.
  • Disabling of tracking if the patrol is diverted off their assigned breakdown.

Return on investment

Localz transformed the experience for RAC customers providing a much higher level of information about the progress of their assigned patrol. This gave customers much more confidence a patrol is on its way to them.

RAC saw additional business benefits of improved retention rates, a reduction in inbound calls, increased NPS, social scoring and recommendations.

Why Localz?

Localz are experts in providing location-based communication tools for enterprise companies; enabling a frictionless on the day service experience and reduced operational costs.

Localz offers the fastest route to deployment, combined with rich functionality and the lowest risk.

We put RAC ahead of their competitors and continue to support them in being innovative.

Give customers peace of mind.

Differentiate your services from your competitors and drive customer satisfaction.