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HSS Hire

Digital transformation for a leading supplier of tool and equipment hire in the UK.

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HSS is a leading supplier of tool and equipment hire in the UK with over 200 local branches. Over 400 drivers, staff and sales people have been trained on the Localz solution. 90% of its business is B2B and 70% of this business is delivered directly to site.

Key Challenges

Hire companies feel the pressure to meet their on-demand delivery promises. The business of hire is more complex than traditional retail with damaged returns, no access to sites and extended or missing goods affecting the bottom-line.

Two of the biggest battlegrounds that HSS had to address for repeat customer business were their quality of customer service and satisfaction with products and services. HSS has had 60 years of being a historically paper-based business with no real-time oversight and reliance on telephone chains to solve day of service issues.

The Solution

Digitising the day of service is a complex challenge, in that we have to orchestrate multiple data sources in real-time. This data is then presented on a simple to use dashboard, Field Team apps and the HSS app to ensure an awesome experience for the customer.

HSS was looking for experts in real-time communication challenges who had products that could rapidly integrate with its plans to digitise customer service. This large scale transformation has moved forward through a series of well planned and managed phased rollouts to enable business as usual. 

"Our drivers are ecstatic. For the first time in our drivers’ working lives, the customers are waiting at the site gate."

Dave Raywood
Director of Marketing and Procurement

Benefits and transformation

HSS was suffering from “organisational drag”; structure and paper processes that consumed valuable time and prevented staff from getting things done. The Senior Team at HSS adopted a productivity mindset when working with Localz to roll out a solution that would benefit all 400+ drivers, salespeople, and transport managers.

HSS understood the business needs to deploy digital technologies to innovate. To stand out from competitors, improve the customer experience, improve stock rotation and make life for staff simpler with real-time visibility on the day of service. Working with Localz enables HSS to innovate around its current products and services.