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A quick and convenient pick-up solution, giving customers a frictionless experience.


Dan Murphy's wanted to provide their customers with an elevated experience when picking up their online purchases by providing a drive thru collection service.

Ultra-convenient shopping experience

With Localz technology integrated into the existing Dan Murphy's app, customers can use the app to let their local store know they are close when coming to pick-up an online order. If the app's location services are turned on, the store will be automatically notified when a relevant geofence is crossed by the approaching customer.

"Our new pick-up service provides shoppers with the frictionless convenience of driving into our clearly marked pick-up area, knowing their order is ready for collection. After RSA and ID checks, our friendly store teams happily load the order into the car and our customer can continue their journey."


Dan Murphy’s General Manager said: "Time is increasingly an Australian household’s most important currency, so we have reinvented our online order and collection system from the ground up to create a seamless and ultra-convenient shopping experience for our customers."

"Customers are in charge of their shopping trip and are able to alert us to when they are getting close to the store, so our team can have the order ready on arrival."





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Dashboard, Store Assistant App, Customer App, Beacon

The business began when the young, ambitious Dan Murphy leased a licensed grocery store in 1952. Dan Murphy’s retail concept was simple: offer the most extensive range at the lowest prices. 

Add a passionate enthusiasm for what you sell, and you’ve got an unbeatable offer. That's the Dan Murphy tradition that continues today in over 200 stores around Australia.

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