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Order Collection

Ensuring seamless collections curbside or in-store from ordering to pick-up.

Where's my order?

In-store and curbside collection is complex for store teams. Each stage, from ordering to store collection, adds friction for the customer. 


Transparent customer communications

Automating this process using smart, real-time messaging and location technology makes the process seamless, saves the customer time and improves satisfaction.

Make the day of service awesome

Provide frictionless collection experiences for customers, while streamlining tasks for your team.

Speed up your service time

Connect store staff and customer via an app and enable efficient collections through the Localz platform.

Real-time customer arrival

Alert staff to the location and arrival time of a customer to ensure items are ready to pick-up.

Ensure express collection

Reduce friction through intuitive apps, collection windows and fast pick-up for for on-demand drivers.

Communication workflows

The right message at the right time.

Order ready
Staff alerting
Order completion

Proactive customer notifications

Automate your order collections with smart workflows triggered by existing job data.

Customers are notified when their click and collect order is ready, with a link to a web portal to let the store know they are on the way.

click and collect

Easy check-in upon arrival

Using the Collect My Goods customer portal, patrons are easily able to check in when they arrive. To automate the check-in process, configurable geo-fences can be utilised.

Orders can be collected in-store, curbside or within drive-thru bays.


Ensure speedy, frictionless collection experiences

Using the Manage My Orders attendant app, staff are automatically alerted when customers are on their way and can acknowledge they are retrieving the order.

Once the customer arrives at the predetermined collection point, staff can have their order ready to handover.


Ensure secure collections

Assign unique one-time PINs to customers for the experience of a contactless collection or utilise sign-on-glass order completion.

For orders delegated to another nominee, a onetime PIN can be assigned to avoid sharing of personal information.


Configurable platform

Choose which feature-rich modules and apps you need based on your existing technologies.

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"Localz Click and Collect solution enables our teams to have customers’ orders ready as they walk in store. "

Sally Copland, General Manager Digital

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Ensure seamless collections with configurable communication workflows unique to your sector-specific needs.

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