Is collection your competitive edge?

Localz has the collection solution to help, support and manage order fulfilment.

Collection is complex for store teams. Each stage, from ordering to store collection adds friction for the customer. Automating this process using smart, real-time messaging and location technology makes the process seamless, saves the customer time and improves satisfaction. 

Get Faster Service Time

Get Faster Service Time

Connect store staff and customers via an app and enable efficient collections through the Localz platform.


Get Real-Time Customer Arrival Time and Location

Alert store staff to the location and arrival time of a customer to ensure items are ready for pick up. 


Ensure Express Collection for Express Delivery

Reduce friction through intuitive apps, enable 30-minute collections for customers and fast pick up for on-demand delivery drivers. 

How it Works

SMS to Customer

Customers are notified when their order is ready to collect, with a link to a web portal to let the store know they are on the way.

customer at store - bay selection

Customers check in when they arrive, this can be done automatically. For drive-up service, customer can select which bay they are parked in.

Acknowledgement checkin

Staff receive alerts when customers check in and acknowledge they are serving the customer.


When the customer arrives at the allocated collection point, staff can have their order ready to handover.


Customers can enter the PIN they were sent or can sign on the glass to receive their purchase.


Transparent customer communications

Transparent customer communications

SMS and in app messages provide real-time order updates to customers. 

Order Picking

Order picking

Easy, intuitive apps let store staff smoothly manage the timely picking and storing of purchases. 

Store staff alerts

Store staff alerts

Real-time alerts let staff know when the customer has arrived at the counter or pulled up outside for an easy collection experience, reducing customer wait times to under 5 mins.

Order completion

Order completion

In-app messages remind staff to hand over all items in the order (including frozen goods).

Collection compliance

Collection compliance

Alerts can remind staff to check for legal requirements - like proof of age for alcohol collections.

Easy reporting

Easy reporting

Management dashboards ensure your store managers can keep track of handling times, missed orders etc.

“Localz Click and Collect solution enables our teams to have customers’ orders ready as they walk in store. ”

Sally Copland, General Manager Digital Countdown

Simple integration

Localz out of the box applications enables you to integrate our location and communications SDKs into your enterprise solution.

Localz seamlessly interacts with your existing technology to enhance your day of service workflows, while improving the customer experience you provide. Localz provides a highly configurable platform that enables you to select the elements you need to help improve the day of service, and apply your own branding and look and feel.  Easy integration means shorter implementation times.