Awesome For Operations

Reduce operational costs with last mile customer visibility and communication strategies.

Total Visibility of Field Staff

The operations dashboard gives office-based staff an overview of all field technicians, job status and location.


Lower Call Center Volume

Giving customers proactive information about their appointment and ETA drives down inbound calls and reduces support costs.


Streamlined Communication

Two-way communication between your customer and technician ensures better first-time access and fix rates.

"By implementing Localz technology, British Gas is meeting and delighting customers with new levels of real-time communications. The Localz solution is a vital part in helping us as our organisation grows."

-Technology and Innovation, British Gas

Total Visibility For Your Organization

Streamline operations with easy to implement day of service solutions.

Localz can make the day of service awesome for your customers and your staff with the management dashboard.

Improve your service delivery and operational efficiency. The platform utilizes your existing assets and adds new digital capabilities to seamlessly orchestrate your logistics.

Drawing on your real-time data you can have visibility, track your field-force, set up automated messages and improve customer experience.


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